How to Select Your Website Design Agency
How to Select Your Website Design Agency
How to Select Your Website Design Agency
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Seeking to upgrade your site? Here are four advices to help you select your web design agency and five concerns to ask when interviewing your potential customers.

If you’re in the marketplace for a brand-new website, or you’re looking to redesign your current site, you’re most likely questioning how to choose your website design agency. After all, the company you select will be responsible for designing and developing your site, which offers the very first impression a consumer will have about your brand and business. It’s a vast choice!

So how do you select which company to go with? Listed below, we are sharing four pointers to help you choose your web design agency and five concerns to ask potential new website design partners.

4 Tips to Assist You Select Your Website Design Agency

1. Make a List of Your Site Needs & Site Goals

Before you start looking for a website design company, you need to have an idea of what you want your site to do and the functions it MUST need to help you accomplish your objectives. After all, your website is a service and marketing tool – not merely a beautiful design.

Examples of things you might desire your website to do:

  1. Create leads for your service;
  2. Synchronize with your CRM, like Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other significant CRM software;
  3. Merge with your marketing automation tool, like Pardot, Marketo, or HubSpot;
  4. Connect with your e-mail marketing platform, like Continuous Contact, MailChimp, or Emma;
  5. Collect payments or contributions, including subscription-based (repeating) payments/donations;
  6. Enable users to fill out kinds straight on your site and send to your group;

Examples of functions your website may require to assist you in accomplishing the above:

  1. Easy to use navigation, search-engine enhanced content, and conversion-optimized pages;
  2. Ecommerce functionality;
  3. Online kinds that are secure (and HIPPA compliant if you remain in the healthcare market);
  4. An SSL certificate and HTTPs protocol;

Your site is an extension of your service and must help you attain your objectives – no matter what they are. Having a list of your objectives, needs, and nice-to-haves will help you and the website design business you speak with guarantee your site is personalized for you.

Other info to think about before reaching out to any agency is your budget plan and timeline.

While you may not know just how much it will cost to design your website, having a variety (like in between $10K and $15K) will assist you in getting web design prices to quote that are realistic and within your price range. Timeline is likewise handy since if you require your website to reside in two weeks, you’ll need a web design agency that has availability now versus having to wait three weeks to get going.

2. Browse and Evaluation Nationwide & Local Web Design Agency Partners.

Now that you have your list, all set start browsing for potential web design agency partners. Look for agencies in your area and across the country, especially if you desire a partner that is experienced in a particular industry like medical or legal.

Applications like Slack and Skype have has made it simpler to work together and interact with individuals throughout the state or across the country. Even if you wind up choosing a website design agency near you, it deserves seeing what is out there so you can examine experience, portfolios, services used, and agency culture.

3. Review Experience, Agency Culture, and Portfolios.

There are three crucial things to look for in a great web design partner: experience, agency culture, and portfolio. These three products can give you insight into how your job will be managed, if it will fulfill your objectives and requirements, and if they’ll be an excellent general fit as your web design agency.


When it pertains to experience, you’re searching for two things:

  1. How long have they been an agency? Are they established or a startup?
  2. Do they have experience establishing websites for your industry, sites that get results, websites that you like, and websites that have the functions you need for yours?

Your agency partner needs to have procedures in location to make the design and website development process basic and straightforward, support for your website after it’s live, continuous marketing services to grow your organization, and a group of experienced experts to help ensure your website satisfies your objectives and requirements.


A web design company’s portfolio is the next best method to evaluate abilities and capabilities. Just make sure you’re searching for more than attractive websites. A pretty website that isn’t easy to utilize will never surpass a decent website that is simple to browse.

Portfolios will give insight into creativity, niche experience, complex coding abilities, and more. Here are a couple of things to search for when evaluating portfolios:

  1. Do they develop mobile-friendly sites?
  2. Do they follow the current website design trends?
  3. Are all the websites similar – very same structure, navigation, images, etc.?

If you like the product that an agency does, but they don’t have your market in their collection, ask them what they would do for your company. While you wish to deal with someone who has your market experience, you eventually require to enjoy the work they do.

Web Design Company Culture.

An agency’s culture will show you a lot about their character and working design. Ideally, you desire to discover an agency that matches your own company’s character so that you can quickly collaborate and collaborate throughout the website design procedure.

You can scope out agency culture by:

  1. Inspecting them out on social – Do you see a lot of smiling faces in their Instagram feeds?
  2. Reviewing group pages – Do they display their team’s skill and know-how?
  3. Community participation – Are they included in their local neighborhood?

When you meet your prospective website design partners, you’ll also get a feel for their culture as well. Do they make you feel welcome? Do they listen to your concepts? Are they delighted about your task?

Agency culture is a crucial factor when selecting your web design company. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together, so make positive your website design partner truly fits your business and personality.

4. Check Out Testimonials & Online Reviews.

In addition to their portfolio, read reviews and online reviews of the website design companies you’re considering for your new site. The reviews are an excellent way to see how delighted customers are with their websites, the level of client service they got while working together, and if they discuss particular employee by name.

Look for reviews on websites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. And also see if they highlight reviews on their site. Nevertheless, if the only place you see evaluations is on their website, do a bit more digging before asking for a meeting with them.

5 Must-Ask Questions to Help You Select Your Website Design Agency.

With all the research study above, you have a list of prospective website design businesses to interview. Arrange a time to satisfy (whether in-person or by phone/video call) and ask them the following questions to get a much better feel for their experience and services:

1. Do you provide a content management system to power your websites?

Do you provide a content management system to power your websites? | Pecan Studio Web Agency

If you’re not acquainted with a content management system (CMS), you’re not alone. And in fact, the business you’re interviewing needs to be pleased if you utilize that specific terms.

A CMS like WordPress is a website platform that makes it easy for non-technical people to upgrade their website on their own quickly. So instead of a website where you require to know HTML or CSS to modify (called a fixed site), you can rapidly log in to the backend of your website and upgrade text, images, videos, etc. all by yourself. It gives you more power and control over your website.

The result you want here is good, and they do use content management systems to construct websites. The most popular CMS on the marketplace are WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Joomla.

2. Have you launched any other websites for business in my market?

Have you launched any other websites for business in my market? | Pecan Studio Web Agency

You desire to deal with an agency who has experience establishing sites for your market. It can be incredibly important for the healthcare, e-commerce, and legal industries because of the rigorous guidelines around content, security, HIPPA compliance, and ADA compliance.

Even if you see market experience on their website, request examples of work they have provided for your industry. Have them stroll you through the design and development procedure they utilized.

3. Can I see the team that would be working on my project?

Can I see the team that would be working on my project? | Pecan Studio Web Agency

Understanding who you would be working with is important to the success of your project. Even if they’re not local to your location, you need to have still the ability to fulfill them through a call or video chat. If you notice that the sales rep or agency isn’t too eager for you fulfilling their crew, then you might consider moving them to the bottom of your list.

4. Will you train me on how to manage my website?

Will you train me how to manage my website? | Pecan Studio Web Agency

Upgrading your website may seem frightening initially, however with some training and assistance, you’ll quickly be able to attach new pages and blog posts in no time. If you feel intimidated, ask your future web design partner if they use basic site training after your site is live.

Fundamental site training should include how to login to your site, how to add a brand-new user, how to edit material, how to create a form and anything else you’ll require to do regularly on your website.

You should likewise ask, “what do I do if I’m not able to upgrade my site on my own?”.

Your website design partner must provide ongoing assistance, and troubleshooting ought to you need the help of a developer or a more intricate update. While some support may be included in a current upkeep strategy, updates wanting a developer are expected to be priced at an hourly rate. Just make sure you understand what kinds of upgrades would need a designer and what would not.

5. Do you provide SEO services?

Do you provide SEO services? | Pecan Studio Web Agency

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the digital marketing practice of optimizing sites (including website structure, material, images, videos, meta tags, and so on) for optimal search engine ranking and user experience. When building a site from scratch, companies must keep SEO in mind so the search engines will be able to understand your website and rank it in the search results.

You desire to select a website design business that offers SEO services. It’s even better if they have a separate marketing department who stays up-to-date on the current algorithm changes, SEO trends, and marketing tactics.

Select Your Website Design Agency Mindfully.

Choosing your website design agency isn’t a fast choice. Take your time (or as much as your timeline enables) to veterinarian website design companies for your business and project. Your website is the impression a potential consumer will have your brand and business – it deserves the research to discover a web partner that will help you achieve your online goals.